Obsessive Curation

Part of my work involves documenting, organising and generally trying to be bossy about keeping objects into an almost excessively tidy system. This fails on most parts, I’m not good at confrontation and I am probably the worst offender, being the person who looks after everything and not just one area. Hence my desk is strewn with books on fossils, dress and costume, Roman brooches and SQL. To my shame, I also have a nautilus shell, a stuffed platypus, 4 pairs of white gloves, a pencil sharpener, a computer, a picture of Toddler boy, but no pens. Ever.

Anyway, this pursuit of tidiness seems to manifest itself in triplicate at home. Our house has to be the messiest house ever, it does contain a secret obsessive tidier. It’s a hidden secret that I hardly ever admit to. I’m naturally messy, but mess perturbs me in a way that you can’t imagine. Hence, I have mess everywhere, but a very tidy areas which I cannot bear to mess up once I have completed. This leads to cupboards which I haven’t even dared open, the upstairs bathroom cupboard springs to mind.

The latest thing that is literally keeping me awake at night (other than the children), is the possibility of an interesting Social History project involving me cataloging the childrens toys and then charting their use and play. Imagine the data that could be collected and its value both to toy manufacturers and museum curators and researchers of the future. Imagine the impact in terms on tidiness, loans to other children and so on in our house.

Museum work; it brainwashes you. Yes, I am sightly bonkers.

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  1. Spencer Park 22nd July 2010 / 8:54 pm

    Slightly bonkers maybe, slightly great definitely. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

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