Review: Lindam Safe and Secure Bed Rail

Lindam are best known for their fab range of stair gates. We have three of them in this house and many of the mums I know use them. However, they actually make a wide range of safety products. We were usefully sent one of their bed rails, as Fifi is soon to get her own bed. This is because I have come to the conclusion that children sleep better in a bed and it’s a small attempt to try to get Fifi to sleep through the night. We figure that if she gets herself up, at least she can play with her toys and leave us alone. She is more than capable of getting in and out of bed as she demonstrates on a regular basis with her brother.


However, in the meantime, whilst we wait for it to be delivered we put the bed guard on Toddler Boys bed and gave it a good run for its money. It’s been on holiday, suffered from a sick episode and has been comprehensively jumped on, climbed over and slept into.



So, what do we think? Compared to the BabyDan one we have (which we have been very happy with) its slightly easier to initially construct and fit, but as you only do this once that isn’t a main consideration.One of the benefits is that it can fold down easily, this is helpful if you want to change the sheets quickly. This is actually a key consideration when the inevitable night-time sick happens, or you are trying to potty train them and has proved a god-send. My only real criticism is that I was a bit unsure about the shade of pink, so I would suggest that you went for a neutral beige colour. Nonetheless, the material is good quality and its nicely cushioned.


This is a really good buy for the money, as it’s well made, does the job brilliantly. You can choose from pink, beige or blue. It’s one I highly recommend. You can find it here.


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  1. Mummywhisperer 11th July 2010 / 2:14 pm

    This is my fave guard too (beige type) – I use them for cosleeping & think they r the best looking & best length .

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