Review: Millets Peter Storm Adventurers Clothing

I have a little secret, I actually used to work at Milletts when I was at school. I was clearly employed for my vast knowledge of the outdoor life gleamed from the annual Young Archaeologist Club camping trip and my Duke of Edinburgh Award field experience. There was a time when I knew a lot about walking boots and
mosquito nets. I enjoyed working there, we played baseball using cardboard tubes and lots of elastic bands. It was fun, then it closed down because there were actually two different Millets camping shops differentiated by a slight spelling difference and branding. My shop (with two tt’s) was one that closed.

Still, there is a fondness in my heart for Millets and camping shops and there is nothing I enjoy more than going in and ogling the different torches, walking trousers and waterproof ponchos. I often kit the hubby out from there, hes a big boy and they seem to provide a selection of suitable and suitable sized clothing. It’s usually hard wearing and reasonably priced. Not normally the trendiest, but hey, who cares about that when you are after basics?

I have to admit I thought the Millets kids range was a bit limited. However, they have had a rethink and re branded with ‘brighter colours, new designs and increased technical performance’. In non- PR speak, they are more hard-wearing than ever and a bit trendier.

We were sent a selection of items for Toddler boy. I was quite surprised, they were indeed trendy, I liked the blue striped towelling hoodie which is just perfect for a trip to the beach or splash park. I thought the quality was superb and they washed really well. It’s nice to find reasonably priced items for kids which aren’t from the major supermarket brands. This gives them a unique edge. I think its worth taking a trip to your local branch or looking here.

A selection of my favourites:

Peter Storm Boys Mini Henley

Peter Storm Boys Camper Waffle Tee £7.99

Peter Storm Girls Capri


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