Review; SIGG eco friendly reusable, recyclable water bottles for children

1st July 2010 2 Comments

I sustained a number of injuries on our ill fated North Norfolk holiday, however without a shadow of a doubt the absolute worst was when the Toddler dropped a Sigg bottle filled with finest Norfolk tap water onto my foot. We were quite a long way down the beach, you normally are in North Norfolk, as the sea is always at least a mile away. The Phil & Teds is not quite big enough for a grown woman and it seemed a bit mean to make the hubby carry me, so I did my best to stop making retching noises and pull myself together. Stiff British upper lip and all. Note to self, a full adult sized Sigg bottle is quite heavy.

Oh gosh, I have digressed somewhat, such is the rambling nature of the confinement that comes with the pox. The lovely people at Sigg Switzerland gave us 3 Sigg bottles to test and review for our holiday. Now I’m a really big fan of anything that a) saves money b) saves the environment and c) looks stylish at the same time. In 2008 Sigg became the number one reusable water bottle in the world and using one is a really trendy ethical statement. They tick all the right boxes for us.

I have to admit, I love Sigg bottles and proudly own several of my own including a one bearing a dinosaur related pun which I use for work (it’s along the lines of Jurrassig). I have only recently realised that you can get kid friendly lids for them and have been eyeing them up for the children ever since.

We got two little 0.3L bottles for use now, which are the ideal size for toddlers and fit nicely into their little life back-packs. We also got a larger sized one for school or occasions where they need a bit more water. I have no complaints, you can’t ever have too many Sigg bottles!

I was really really impressed with the quality and finish of the bottles, they have a unique ‘Ecoliner’ which means there is no taste or smell transfer from the aluminium and that they are 100% safe. The designs were stylish and appealing to the kids and they just felt nice. Up to this point the children have been using cheap supermarket rip-off versions and you can really tell the difference with these proper Siggs.

Easy for the kids to drink from, the lids have a specially designed twist which means that they don’t leak (unlike the cheaper ones) and they seem much more substantial. The spaceship Sigg bottle we were gifted has a funky glow in the dark lid, which makes it very handy for camping! Fifi at 18 months can drink from her bottle without a problem, which is great as it means I don’t have to wander about with Sippy cups any more.

I can’t express how great I think these are, without doubt they are an essential item for any child. In fact, I reckon that if you are looking for an unusual and ethical pressie then these would be ideal. You really can’t go wrong, the kids love them, you’ll love them (if nothing else for saving you tons of cash) and they will help you make a difference in reducing landfill waste caused by those horrible disposable plastic water bottles. Pick one that’s ideal for you here.

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  • Mike1727 1st July 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Hmm. I&#39;m not entirely convinced that aluminium is really eco-friendly in energy used to mine,smelt and form compared to, say, once or twice reused plastic milk bottles or plastic drink bottles.<br /><br />Must do the energy and pollution maths on this one, I think.<br /><br />(But I do like sigg stuff)

  • jane 26th February 2016 at 10:52 am

    I also would be concerned about aluminium bottles because they have to be lined to protect the liquid from comming into contact with the aluminium. Think a stainless steel bottle is much better.

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