Review: Turtle Mat

Door mats are a constant source of frustration and aggravation for me. I can’t find a decent one. That is, I couldn’t, I have been through mats from John Lewis, Wilkinsons, the local carpet shop and none of them have served their purpose properly. Every single one has ended up rucked up behind the door and has been a trip hazard waiting to happen. No longer though, as I was sent a Turtle Mat to review. This in itself was a slight source of frustration, as there were so many lovely designs I couldn’t make up my mind which one to get. I thought the hubby was going to murder me, as I MSN’ed him about which one to get for the hundredth time. He said ‘I’m sorry, but I just cant get excited about a doormat’. Curse you then, I thought, that’s egg and chips for dinner for you then.

I digress, in the end I opted for a classic William Morris design. It’s a design that doesn’t date, so I figured that it would do us for a nice long time. The mat arrived so promptly that I didn’t have time to worry whether I had made the wrong choice or not.

Turtle mats are produced by a British Company operating from Gloucestershire, they are washable and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms as well as the hallway. They come in a massive range of designs and the company that produces them is one of the worlds largest eco-friendly textile groups, Turtle mats also support the Marine Conservation Society. Great news.

Our Turtle Mat has proved a god-send, the rubber backing means that it sticks to the hallway carpet well and doesn’t ruck up, it looks good (i’ve had a lot of compliments) and it seems to be hard-wearing material and is guaranteed for five years. I’m so pleased with it, that I am actually raiding their Sale to get another one! Go and have a look here


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