Book Review: Can You Count? by Gyo Fujikawa

31st August 2010 1 Comment

Cardboard counting books are ten a penny, we have not had a great deal of success with them so far. However, the children are both capable of counting; Fifi to five and Toddler Boy to thirteen, so maybe the ones we have used are more successful than I thought. More likely my incessant counting out of things; spoonfuls of formula, socks, anything and everything.

However, counting books are generally nice because they offer lots of opportunity for discussion and this lovely little book does just that. Its unusual as it is really retro, the illustrations are reminiscent of my old ones from the 1970’s. I like this. Finding out more about the author it appears that Gyo Fujikawa’s books are read in 22 countries. She is a classic and groundbreaking children’s book illustrator and illustrated her first book in 1957. I think this makes the book even more special.

There were plenty of images to discuss and the fact that they were in such a different style of usual was a bonus. We enjoyed this one. You can buy it here.

Can You Count? by Gyo Fujikawa is published by GMC Publications Ltd and has an ISBN number of 1402768249.
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