But I Like My Own Bed!

10th August 2010 2 Comments

Sleeping patterns in this house have deteriorated to the extent where it would actually be quite possible for me to not get any sleep in the week and spend the weekend in my bed asleep. Fifi is still waking at the crack of dawn, although sometime she does allow us to put her in our bed and bounce on us for about an hour or so. But that’s better than sitting on the sofa and being hit with the remote control or a Lego brick.

The problem has come with Toddler boy, he is hard to get to sleep at the moment. It is like he is driven by some never ending energy source, we have tried cutting out all the food colourings, junk food and so on. For sure, some do have an influence, but still he stays awake. When finally he drops off, often in our bed super-heating it to nuclear levels we both feel exhausted. So much for a bit of time together!

OK, so, you can live with this right? I mean, its just a phase. Then problem occurs at 1 AM when the little fella wakes us up screaming either about monsters under his bed or that ‘me just want you’. There are three options: ignore, but that’s wicked. Go and see, this involves inevitably getting into bed with him and lying there being half strangled on a centimetre of bed without any duvet. Or, putting him in our bed, which involves lying there on a centimetre of bed without any duvet and being kicked in the back for the pleasure.

It’s not that I don’t like Toddler Boys bed, in fact its a very nice top of the range Warren Evans number. Comfort is not in question, style is assured. No, it’s simply that I like my own bed, the super kingsize one with the winter duvet (I’m always cold) and the husband faintly breathing. I like the space, the air around me, the crispness of my 100% cotton duvet and sheets, as opposed to the poly cotton blend Thomas the Tank Engine lightweight duvet.

I am resigned to it though, as I lie in Toddler Boys bed waiting for the crack of dawn alarm cry from Fifi that I will not get any sleep for some time yet. Just wait until I show you the before and after children pictures I was looking at the other day. I was well and truly horrified, both myself and the hubby have really aged 10 years in the last three, but we could be good candidates for secret service missions. Sleep deprivation and lack of comfort would not be a torture for me anymore!

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  • PantsWithNames 10th August 2010 at 8:03 am

    Your house sounds like mine. Although there can be a bit of an undignified competitive scramble between Dave and I as our youngest climbs into bed with us and we both think of the whole unused bed downstairs that is free to the first person there! <br /><br />But every now and then they give us a night like last night when everyone sleeps until 8am. May you have some of those soon!

  • Muddling Along Mummy 10th August 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I feel for you – mine are also tag teaming, so much so I seem to sleep in a different place every night<br /><br />This too shall pass (or at least I REALLY hope it will)

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