Contrasting Fortunes

Dawn rising does funny things to you; hormones suppressed, cravings for Lemon Curd exponentially increased. Whats that all about? Having your hair brushed by an 18 month old with a very hard brush tests the patience. By the time you reach work it’s spent. That’s difficult.
Have you ever noticed how the weather is always better the first half of the week? Humpf.

I was reading A View From the Bikeshed’s blog about public schools and how he feels it is unjust. This is a feeling that my gut shares, however, one must not live by gut alone. Yet when you consider the people that you have met in life, there is something to be said regarding the fortunes of those who have had the benefit of private education. Those that I have met certainly have a great deal more confidence, money and arguably a better quality of life than those that have not. It’s one of the injustices of life.

This brings me to another, Chicken Pox; Toddler boy was spotty, but this pales into minor insignificance compared to Fifi who has been literally covered head to foot. The chicken pox has long gone, but the marks left by the spots have not. Poor Fifi has little pitted scars on her face and Toddler boy a flush of red marks on his back. Isn’t it ironic that the little girl has marks on her face, I hope that they will go as she grows.

In other news I have been offered a wonderful opportunity which I must take up, however this falls on the same day as something else and therefore that day requires a lot of rushing about. Heaven forbid I succumb to illness. Yet another example of fate, like buses opportunities all come at once. However our lives really pale into insignificance compared to those of the homeless in the UK, those in Pakistan and the ones that the Blogadesh bloggers are telling us all about. The world cannot be fair and just, but sparing a thought for others really puts your life into context.


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