Kelloggs Choc n Roll Breakfast Cereal

We were asked by Kelloggs if we would like to try some of their new breakfast cereal. As we happen to eat lots of Kelloggs cereals, I thought it might be interesting. I have to admit, I was thinking it would be a sugary kids cereal, so I was surprised when the box arrived and it stated that there was less sugar than Coco Shreddies and less salt that Cheerios (another household favourite).

It’s actually taken Kelloggs two years to get from idea to supermarket with lots of testing. I think Kelloggs are really trying to get their cereals right, they have made a commitment to reduce the amount of sugar in the whole Coco Pops range by 15% by January 2011, without adding artificial sweeteners.

I have to be honest, I love breakfast cereals but I don’t like chocolate ones so the kids have not really been exposed. I don’t like the way the milk goes chocolaty, I realise that’s probably unusual but it seems my kids have inherited my tastes. Thus, we have used Choc n Roll as a dry snack. It’s gone down extremely well at snack time. I’ll buy it again for this purpose. At £1.89 quite a competitive price and you can get hold of a box in most major supermarkets.


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