Review; Hippychick Hipseat Babycarrier

Fifi demands to be held, she has come to a stage where she wants to sort of sit on my hip and cling on like a little monkey. Not only is this very bad for my back, but to be honest its a bit aggravating when you are trying to cook the dinner and so forth. That’s where the Hippychick Hipseat babycarrier comes in. I have been looking at these for a while wondering whether or not it would work. After meeting the Hippychick PR girls at Christmas in July they sent me one so I could see. Hooray!

The Hippychick Hipseat does work, it is perhaps one of the greatest simple baby inventions I have come across. I wander about St Albans singing its praises, so handy has it proved. In fact, it has removed the need for me to struggle with a pushchair on short trips, in particular the childminder drop-off. The hipseat is comfortable for me to wear and Fifi seems more than happy sitting on it.This worries me, as I can see her demanding it all the time instead of walking as she likes a nice cuddle!

The Hippychick Hipseat is suitable from 6 months, I wish I had got one earlier. It has pockets inside so you can stow away your money and you can remove the seat and use it as a bum bag when the kids get a bit older (I cant personally see myself doing this). The fabric is hard wearing and washable, you can pick from 4 colours. Lets face it, it’s not the trendiest thing and it does scrunch your clothes up a bit around the middle, I feel a bit like I’m wearing a sort of modern girdle. BUT it is without doubt a must have for anyone with toddlers. What are you waiting for? Go and buy one now.


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  1. PantsWithNames 10th August 2010 / 6:53 pm

    I had one of these and even with a bad back I found them invaluable. Come to think of it I lent it to someone… and I need to get it back! Wonder who it was…?

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