The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and the Go, Go Go Show

Today we spent the day in the West End, I love London I find it energizing and refreshing. I used to live underneath the Telecom Tower, I like the busy, vibrant atmosphere, the pollution, the pigeons and the noise. I hope to at least foster an understanding of this in my children by dragging them into London at every opportunity.

This weekend we were offered the chance to see new kids musical the Go, Go, Go Show, featuring the music of Mike Stock (from Stock, Aitkin and Waterman fame) and written by one of the CBBC/ Cbeebies team it looked promising, so I decided to go along and take Fifi as well. I was glad we did!

However, the show didn’t start until 2:30 so we spent the morning dragging Toddler Boy and Fifi around the National Gallery, where Fifi got us in trouble for going behind a rope barrier. I quickly rescued her and was warned after the event. Quite what damage she could actually have done, not being even remotely able to reach any of the paintings and quite what the point was of warning me after the event I was not quite sure. I nearly pulled the ‘I’m a senior museum curator’ card, but I bit my tongue, just in case I got black listed and I ever want a job there. The telling off put a bit of a dampener on the whole experience, especially since it was ‘family Sunday’ so we quickly left and went to one of my favourite places, just around the corner. The National Portrait Gallery.

The National Portrait Gallery cafe is one of London’s best kept secrets, perfect for a Sunday morning coffee. At the moment they have a fab exhibition of portraits of people at the Glastonbury festival, I’ve seen it a couple of times and its only small but it sort of sums up the event. The inclusion of children makes it an ideal one to show the kids. We also went to see the BP Portrait Award 2010 which is just fantastic this year. I loved the portrait of an artists four year old son on the day he went to school in his uniform for the first time. Fifi enjoyed looking with me and it really was a joy to go to a gallery which is understanding of children and yet adult at the same time!

Anyhow, the time came for the Go, Go, Go show and I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect. I don’t really like crowd participation and this was Fifi’s first ever visit to a theatre. I had nothing to worry about, the songs are so catchy you actually want to join in. I did have to pay attention to Fifi as obviously she didn’t sit still the whole time, and this meant that I didn’t really follow the story properly. However, it was easy enough to dip in and out of, the cast were superb at both singing and dancing. They had future childrens television presenters virtually written on their foreheads. It was bubblegum pop, with colourful costumes, a cheery stage show and great music. A visual and musical feast for my toddlers and even for a hardened soul like me. Me and the husband found ourselves singing the theme song all the way home, to the Toddlers cries that he wanted to go and see it again. We pointed out that there isn’t a performance on a Monday and he sat quietly disappointed. Still, it’s alright as they have a website.

Back home tonight, we are all tired but have the sort of warm glow that you get from a really lovely day out. Thanks to Lynette from Mummy Marketing for the tickets to the show.


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