Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue

8th August 2010 1 Comment

I have to admit, I was shameless in this and I asked Kerry who is a brilliant Disney PR if she would, ever so kindly, please, please, beg, grovel get us some tickets for a Tinkerbell screening. We absolutely love Tinkerbell in this house, we watch both films at least once a week and I know its something that both my children will enjoy. The Tinkerbell franchise is safe and wholesome and lovely. Much to our absolute joy and surprise we actually ended up with tickets to the premiere! If I said that even I was jumping up and down on the sofa with joy, that would not begin to express the excitement felt in this household. The image might make those of you who know me laugh.

We arrived at the very posh hotel and attended a fairy tea party, complete with the chance to meet Tinkerbell, Garden Girl who came with us nearly burst with excitement. Toddler Boy who is very shy, just stood there observing behind his fantastic Spiderman face paint. There was a sumptuous feast of cakes and sandwiches on offer, I managed a glass of champagne and looked longingly at all the lovely cakes none of which I could actually fit in due to a rather excessive Pizza Express feast at lunch. We made fairy wands and the children bounced about excitedly, I stood there celebrity spotting and even managed a short conversation with Nell McAndrew (I only realised it was her afterwards). It was a very special event.

Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue is a lot darker than the other Tinkerbell movies, it has moments of real excitement and mild peril when the fairies have to rescue Tinkerbell. Some of it had me holding Toddler Boy’s hand. He wasn’t worried, as he is a blase cinema goer, I was concerned though, about the fairies! There is a bit were Vidia gets stuck in some mud and there’s a car coming, it’s real edge of seat stuff. It’s a story of friendship and one that many children can identify with; the time pressured parent. This time pressured parent happens to be a museum curator who works at the Natural History Museum. I did think that he seemed a little bit like me, except I don’t specialise in butterflies and I no longer work there and I am a mum and not a dad, but that all aside, there were similarities. It made me think though about how much quality time I actually do spend with my kids.

Toddler Boy and Garden Girl loved it, they loved the fairies, the event and they loved the film. Toddler Boy even told me the whole story back a bit later on. They are both three and they sat through it transfixed (as I knew they would). If you love the other Tinkerbell films you’ll love this, although you might have to do a weeks worth of fairy based activities (find them here) after you have watched it. Oh, I wish I looked like Tinkerbell, how shallow am I?

Have a sneak peak here

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  • Mummy 9th August 2010 at 11:04 am

    It was a great film and your party were better behaved than mine… It was great to have a chat with you too, although I was sad to see you didn't have any fairy wings!

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