Toddler Boy and Fifi’s Favourite Books

21st August 2010 2 Comments

Friend and blogger Metropolitan Mum recently asked about some of Toddler Boy and Fifi’s favourite books. I’m more than happy to oblige, we love reading books and to be honest buy absolutely loads. I tend to look at the Red House and The Book People websites and grab any bargains that I see. Toddler boys bookshelves are creaking under the weight of books, but reading and a love of books is one of those things that I really want to encourage. we tend to read books together that means we range from books suitable for a one year old to books suitable for a nearly four year old (and the rest!)At the moment our favourite books are listed below:

Miffy at the Gallery by Dick Bruna
This is a great little read, and features Bruna’s take on some of contemporary arts most famous paintings!

Stone Girl Bone Girl: The Story of Mary Anning of Lyme Regis by Laurance Anholt

This is based on the real life of Mary Anning, famous fossil hunter and one of my childhood heroines. The illustrations by Anholt are superb.

That’s Not My Baby by Fiona Watt
Both children love these books and they never fail to amuse and delight, this one has a mirror at the end which Fifi loves.

Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker
This one is from the Amazing Machines range which includes tractors, fire engines, space ships. They love them all and I have personally found them educational. Again, the illustrations are lovely.

We are Wearing Out the Naughty Step by Mick Inkpen
This is a fun story with a twist at the end. I use this with them after a challenging day and they enjoy the story and seems to understand the moral to it!

Little Princess – I Want My Potty by Tony Ross

We love the Little Princess and have loads of these books, including one about Ghosts! However this is the one that makes the recently potty trained Toddler Boy laugh and Fifi loves pointing out the page where she has the potty on her head.

Maisy at the Museum by Lucy Cousins
You cant go wrong with a Maisy book and my kids are obviously always in museums. Therefore this book has everything for us and sparks off endless discussions. It’s great, I can see it being a firm favourite for years to come!

If you get a chance have a look out for these either in the shops or at the local library. I’d love to hear your suggestions as well.

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  • Metropolitan Mum 22nd August 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Phil "Peej" May 23rd August 2010 at 7:11 am

    Great idea, wish I'd thought of doing something like this 🙂

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