Review; Toy Story Magnetic Playset by Flair

We love Toy Story in this house and we are total suckers for any piece of merchandising that goes with the films. I have to admit, I do encourage this a bit as I know that whatever the item is as long as it has some link to their favourite film characters they will play with it, love it and want to discuss it with me. All good, so when this was sent to us for review we all jumped with delight.

It’s basically a series of magnets and 2 play scenes in a tin, another toy which is great for taking on holidays as it is fairly small and self contained. I have a it of a thing about kids and magnets after watching a programme about how dangerous they can be so I was sure to very carefully supervise Fifi and Toddler Boy with this one. However, it proved fun enough to stimulate lots of conversations, some hilarity and also some lateral thinking in the discovery that the magnet of Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the others would actually stick on the fridge.

It retails for around six pounds and so would be a good little Christmas gift for little 3- 5 year olds. You can get one here.


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