Review: Winnie in Space by Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul

16th September 2010 No Comments

If there’s one thing I know about the boy, it’s at three and a half he has his opinions, his likes and dislikes and those include both spaceships and scary monsters.

Spaceships are the top of the list though, so it was with interest we sat down with the latest Winnie the Witch book. The dark arts as practised by Winnie shouldn’t be naturally conducive for space travel but the basic premise works very well.

Although Winnie in Space is aimed at the 5+ age group who can presumably read it to themselves, it worked very well with the boy. Every page is very detailed with a lot going on. There are plenty of things to look at, spot and discuss, from monsters at windows, to spiders crawling up walls. As an extra special bonus it has robot rabbits which almost had him shivering in excitement.

The book works on several levels. Firstly it’s a good bedtime read, there’s mild peril which is satisfactorily resolved and nothing too scary. Secondly there are Korky Pauls marvellous illustrations, which we have spent ages pouring over, discussing the merits of spaceship design and the exact life cycle of cyborg bunnies and finally there are the words we’re beginning to look at. At three the boy understands the concept of writing and words and often gets frustrated at his inability to read the stories to himself.

All in all a cracking read, although after the 300 plus readings I’m no doubt destined for, I might want to revise that view.

Winnie in Space is out now with an RRP of £10.99 and available in all good bookstores and online from retailers like Amazon here

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