Cookery Book Review; Good Food, Fast Dairy Cookbook

7th October 2010 No Comments

Good Food, Fast is a brilliant cookery book for the likes of me. Lets face it, I do try and cook stuff, but ultimately I can’t really find the will power with Fifi hanging off my leg. This cook book promises to provide recipes for ‘tasty meals in 30 minute or less’ and to be honest I think it delivers really well. I assume that it’s a compilation of recipes published previously, I haven’t seen many of them before though, in my limited experience.

I liked the idea for Naan Bread Pizzas. We made them as the recipe suggested, although I did drag it out a bit by making Toddler Boy make his own Naan Breads. He is so good at it and they are so easy for toddlers to make I couldn’t resist. There is also a great idea for a very quick lasagne which uses stuffed pasta parcels, I thought it a genius recipe. I’m not all that great at making deserts but the individual summer puddings were easy enough to do, I was surprised and it made great use of our foraged blackberries.

My only criticism would be the same one that I level at many of the cookery books which come my way, that is that the style of it and the photography looks old fashioned. I’m not a fan of these retro styled cookery books. However the recipes more than make up for it.

It’s an ideal cookery book for us busy mums, most of the recipes are suitable for children, they don’t use loads of ingredients and they are quick and simple to prepare. I have used this book for most of the week and we still have loads of recipes to try, tomorrow we are having the Oozy mushroom rolled omelettes.

Apparently lots of people have been having a go at the recipes and putting them up on the Internet. If you want to have a look you can find the images here

You can get hold of a copy here. Dairy diary so a lot of nice publications on their website, with Christmas coming up its worth a look.

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