Just Like One of Those Adverts…

Yesterday I sat down at my desk at work and I worked, I mean really worked. I’m currently working through the lists of donors to the museum collections and I’m matching them up with the objects on our database. It’s a Sherlock Holmes style task as I work out where Mr Buckets silver pistol is, or where Mrs Simpsons stuffed cat now resides. By lunchtime, my concentration had vanished and I became distracted with conversations about various films. I took the decision to walk into the town and have a look around the shops.

As I stepped outside the museum I felt like one of those women in a Pantene commercial, except my hair is more straw like than glossy. I felt a strange sense of liberation. I wasn’t rushing, there was no buggy to push or child to drag. For the first time in a least a year, I was free. Well at least for an hour or so.
I went crazy, I shopped in H & M and Whistles, I made purchases. I had conversations with shop assistants. I felt adult and normal and liberated and myself. Then I returned to work; oh look Mrs Stamp donated a pair of bloomers in 1923. There was a bit of a spring in my typing. I felt as if I could breathe. How lovely it must be to have a nanny.
But no fear, this morning we were woken up before dawn with demands for milk and biscuits and a very determined effort to push me out of my own bed onto the Cold. Hard. Floor. I love my children, but I sometimes wonder if they have actually enriched my life or prematurely shortened it. The picture above sums up life before kids…

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  1. emma_harris 26th October 2010 / 8:09 am

    If that post doesn't make me feel slightly less horrid about going back to work, nothing will! Shame I work on an industrial estate on outskirts of Northampton rather than in centre of gorgeous St Albans but still! Xx

  2. PippaD aka Mummy 26th October 2010 / 10:14 am

    Life before Kids… I think I remember it… it seems so very long ago!

  3. Steve 26th October 2010 / 8:55 pm

    I know how you feel but even on a bad day the good outweighs the bad with having kids…

  4. Aussie Mum 27th October 2010 / 2:44 am

    Well done you for finding a little bit of me time – even if it was only a lunch break!

  5. miss leslieanne 27th October 2010 / 12:27 pm

    Oh I went all misty eyed reading that – imagine. No buggy. No small person. Shopping, Coffee…<br />I think I remember what it&#39;s like, just about!

  6. Mark 27th October 2010 / 5:44 pm

    You probably won&#39;t believe this – or speak to me again. But we moved house this week (today actually) and I&#39;m away on a writing course for 5 days!<br /><br />I am so lucky, I know – but then I miss the kids terribly too. I could say, Oh, the guilt… but nah, it&#39;s fabulous to have a break.

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