Meeting Vikings at The Scandinavia Show

Myself and the husband love all things Scandinavian, we love Ikea, Copenhagen, Herrings, Pingu, KoziKids waterproofs and err, lots of other things including several Finnish films which I can’t remember the name of. The kids child-minder is Danish and she has introduced us to a few Danish customs which we do with the children at appropriate times of the year. I harbour thoughts of moving to deepest darkest Finland, as I think it might suit me very well. I’m keen not to be surrounded by people, happy not to interact with too many others and have a love of the outdoors. Yes, I am a bit of a misery.

With all this in mind, when the opportunity presented itself to visit the Scandinavia show at Olympia, where all things Danish are showcased and there was the opportunity to buy some Danish food, we jumped at the chance. A day out with a Scandinavian theme and all in nearby London. You couldn’t really go wrong. Apart from London Underground and its stupidity in closing Olympia Tube station when we wanted to visit. I’m on the phone to Bob Crowe and Boris about that one.
There was one major flaw with the show, it was actually upstairs in Olympia and could only be accessed via a lift. This did present a bit of a crush and an issue getting in. Then they ran out of the most scrumptious foodstuff just when the hubby got there. I could see the disappointment in his face when he couldn’t have the Danish smoked salmon. Still, we found the Finnish Church in London stall and they sold reindeer sandwiches which according to him were the best thing ever. They looked nice, but I would have preferred salmon myself!
We saw a range of different companies, for kids we found Raindrops, Nordic Elements and Flexa who sell the most fantastic kids furniture; beds with slides anyone! If you want a modern, adult living room check out BoConcept furniture. I really liked the reindeer hats and booties that Raindrops sell for Toddler Boy and Fifi, and I think I will be asking the hubby for some of this wonderful silver jewellery for Christmas. Did you know you can buy Swedish cider? No, neither did we! Skandium sell the most wonderful Moomin ceramics, perfect for special gifts and if you fancy a Scandinavian Christmas without the expense of a trip to Lapland you could try Christmas From Sweden in London.
Perhaps the funniest thing was seeing the Viking re-enactors who had set up camp in the corner of the room on the carpet. Chatting to them, as you do, they mentioned that they had been asked to do some sword fights, but unfortunately their swords would have hit the ceiling. We all glanced upwards at the ceiling tiles knowingly, it was a surreal moment. I love talking to re-enactors.
All in all, a fun day out, next year some more food and a bigger venue please. We now have a weeks worth of Scandinavian related activities to do and I’ve got a special offer flight deal to Finland…

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  1. Anonymous 11th October 2010 / 7:51 am

    We went to the show too – and loved it! I can personally vouch for the Frikadeller from the Madsen restaurant stand – but shame I never got to try the Reindeer sandwiches. I think it was a great chance to show the kids about other different – but not so far away – cultures, customs and styles – without always having to focus on faith issues. We came back with a variety of stuff to do and try …

  2. Garden Mum 11th October 2010 / 9:56 am

    Sounds like a great day out but if you ate reindeer sandwiches who will be pulling Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve?

  3. riyaz 17th March 2011 / 8:58 am

    Yeah, i saw kids furnitures in flexa, rain drops, Nordic elements.<br />Its really cool

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