My Warm and Cosy Life

So then I woke up in a puddle of warm toddler wee.

The previous day had started badly with a 5 Am wake up, then it was a full day of work which proved a bit draining. I rushed back, helped the husband put the kids to bed, sorted out the dinner, caught up with my emails and went to bed myself. Only then I was woken up at about 2 AM by the cry of ‘daddddeeeeeee’ repeat times 100.

Unfortunately (luckily) ‘daddddeeeeeee‘ suffers from selective deafness whilst asleep, so ‘mummmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ responded. I was cajoled into the toddlers bed where I lay squashed against the bed guard, with a centimetre of throw being prodded every five seconds: ‘you all right mama, you alright?’ prod, poke. Each time I moved to get myself comfortable, the same scenario occurred.

At, what I imagine was about 4:30 AM I must have passed out due to sheer exhaustion. Then Fifi started her morning cry of ‘mummmeee, MILK’ repeat 200 times. I lay in Toddler Boys bed until the grim reality sunk in, I was warm and cosy for one reason alone.

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