Verbaudet Childrens Coats

Children’s coats are another dilemma. Like hats and gloves, you really don’t want your kids to wear the same as everybody else. I’m not being snooty about it, simply, if you buy a coat from one of the high street shops you may as well ask for an argument amongst the children as they muddle them up at Playgroup, friends houses etc. This is why I try quite hard to buy my children inexpensive but unusual coats!

This year we were given the opportunity to choose a couple from Vertbaudet. They are a fab French catalogue and they sell children’s clothes and home furnishings. I like them as they provide reasonably priced good quality unusual things.

We were given the Hooded Mid Season Parker (#29.99) for Toddler Boy. This is lovely quality and will easily be warm enough for him through the winter. the only criticism I have of it is the zip which is a bit rough and ready and is too fiddly for toddler boy to undo himself, resulting in him stepping out of the coat. Not ideal.

Fifi was given a flared wool coat in red (in the sale at #27.30) which is so much like my own coat it’s shocking! It’s like having a little mini me. I love this coat, there are no criticisms of it at all. It looks cute in an old fashioned sense, very age appropriate and stylish (I had one very similar to that when I was her age).

As with all French clothes, there is one thing to bear in mind with Verbaudet, they do come up smaller than usual. I buy them one size bigger, just to be on the safe side. If you remember this, you cant go wrong!


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