Book Review; The Second Baby Survival Guide by Naia Edwards

3rd November 2010 No Comments

The Second Baby Survival Guide
nicely fills a gap in the parenting book market, well one that I found anyhow. Having a second baby is both exciting, nerve-wracking and frightening all at the same time. I needed support, advice, information and it was quite hard to come by. On reflection that’s probably as people didn’t want to tell me quite how hard it is with two little ones but hey, sometimes its better to know!

Right from the blue stripe in the pregnancy test your whole world changes with baby number two. Within about twenty seconds tiredness hits you and the realisation that you cant have those lovely afternoon naps and pampering that you had during your first pregnancy. You just have to carry on. This attitude stays with you then for the rest of your life!

The Second Baby Survival Guide takes you through all these feelings, there’s all the things that you want from this book, like how to introduce your toddler to your new baby, how to deal with your sleep (and theirs) and vitally, how important it is to make time for yourself!

I enjoyed this book, it was a quick easy read and had lots of advice which I would give a second time mum to be. It’s not patronising or simplistic, it’s real life honest advice written in an easy to follow way. I wish I had thought to write it!

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