Preparing Oneself

Attitude; taking a leaf out of Fifi’s book and developing some. Well, OK, it’s sort of manifesting itself in a totally joyful spend-up. This week I heard the news that snow is imminent. Now, snow is another thing that I have become a bit paranoid about. Well, since children it’s another thing that grips me with worry- what if I fall over whilst out with the kids and break a leg and get stuck somewhere or something. Oh, god it’s another disaster waiting to happen. Thus presents itself the perfect spending opportunity. What could be better the chance to have that thirty second thrill of expenditure and the three weeks worth of worry about money AND the ideal excuse to buy something that I REALLY need and everything. In fact, this spend counteracts and lifts some of my general worry. Perfect.

I have to say it was the easiest spend I have done in a while, I walked to the shop lusted after a lovely pair, bought the cheapest pair and walked out. I then spent the entire afternoon feeling pleased that I had some lovely new snow boots and a bit gutted that I was too mean to buy the ones I really wanted. Such is me.

So anyway, I urge you to prepare yourself for the snow. This is one justifiable spend that you need to do and hey, every girl needs new footwear!


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  1. Mark 22nd November 2010 / 10:43 pm

    But I so hate snow – even the thought of it would counteract the joy of any purchase. Except I've always wanted a saxophone – could I use one as snow blower? Perhaps I ought to get one, just to find out.. mmmmm…

  2. Kelly 28th November 2010 / 7:15 pm

    My preparations have all been about Piran. We have purchased a shiny red sledge, so hopefully this year we will not be housebound so much. I definitely need a winter maternity coat as my wonderful down coat I treated myself to last year will not accommodate the bump this year.

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