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20th November 2010 No Comments

It breaks my heart to throw away perfectly good clothes for a tiny hole when they can get a bit more use. I have been searching high and low for nice funky patches for the kids clothes and these are the first ones that I have found which fit the bill properly. I love sewing and making things, and really enjoy customising Fifi and Toddler Boys plain T-shirts and jogging bottoms. Again, these clothes plasters have proven themselves well worth their weight in gold and I have had several comments on how nice they are.

I know that one of the things that puts people off applique patches is the need to sew them on, however you only need to iron these ones on! Absolutely no effort at all then to transform a baby grow, T-shirt or patch up some ripped knees. Can you tell? I’m ever so impressed!

There are so many fab designs to choose from we were lucky as we got sent 2 boxes by the lovely Jennie who produces them. I know there will be something just right for you. Just don’t let your children choose from them as you may be there a very long time (Fifi spent about 20 minutes umming and eerring) I have even started using them to customise my own jeans. You can get hold of some here. Do make sure you check out the website as there are quite a lot of nice potential Christmas gifts.

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