Review: Jabra Cruiser 2 In-Car Speakerphone

OK, so my hatred of mobile phones is legendary. However, I’ve had to swallow my pride recently and even succumbed to a Blackberry. The reason being that it is impossible to organise the childrens social and school lives without being a dab hand at the old text messages. I could see it coming, especially after I started getting left out of my NCT group meet-ups. Well, that was probably partly also me. But the writing was on the wall, and now I have the mobile phone I suppose I had better turn it on and use it. Now people phone me on it all all times (I’ve even been on the loo at work!). There is no peace, I am no longer free. I can hear Mike laughing evilly now from his T-mobile empire. Humpf.

Anyway, when I was approached by Jabra to review one of their flashy gadgets. I have to admit being a total mobile phone technology thicko I had no idea what it even was, so I asked the husband what they were. He laughed at me, in a hollow way as it appears that they are in fact brilliant gadget which nearly everyone who has a mobile phone lusts after. Lucky me!

So anyway, I got sent the Cruiser 2 in-car speakerphone which basically enables you to make in car telephone calls, however even better you can make hands free calls anywhere. I was sceptical, I mean how often do you need to make in car phone calls? Not very often in my world, but in the world of others probably a lot. However, I tried and found it was really easy to set up even I could do it and that’s a real test. In actual fact it was quite useful as I could tell my mum that I was nearly at her house and tell the husband that I was going to be late in picking him up. Its a nifty little thing which means that you just have to name the person you want to call and it looks through your phone book to do it. The other really fab feature is the way that it links into all the music on your phone. This was brill when the husband came along and started using it as he has loads of music on his phone. All this from a little gadget that just clips onto your sun visor. It looks really flashy too, instantly making the innards of our Vauxhall look a bit cooler, if that’s possible!

For me, the In-car speakerphone really came into its own in the house. My phone always rings at really inconvenient moments. For example when I’m up to my elbows in pastry with two kids covered in flour or when doing some large poster paint project. This is no joke it always does this and I always think it’s urgent. I have turned the Cruiser on indoors and put it near me and it does the same as in the car. So that’s quite good isn’t it!

Do you know what? I’m a convert. I love it. Shame on me. It’s ideal for us busy mums join me and get one, why let these boys have all the gadgets. You can find out tons more here.


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