Review; My Buggy Buddy Lock for Pushchairs- an essential

A couple of years ago, one of my really good friends had her buggy pinched. It was awful, she had left it outside the baby class she was attending alongside all the other pushchairs as was usual and she came back and the buggy had gone. This obviously posed several problems, not least how you get a child and all your stuff home without a pushchair. She also had to make an expensive insurance claim. I was totally horrified by this and I have gone to the other extreme. I wander around with a bicycle chain and padlock in my bag, just in case I need to chain the thing up. But to be honest, I hardly ever leave the buggy out of sight. I even changed doctors surgery so I didn’t have to leave it outside, as I was worried what would happen if I had to walk 3 miles home feeling poorly whilst carrying the change bag and baby.

Interestingly, according to a survey by Halifax Home Insurance the heft of buggies has doubled in the past year after designer pushchairs become more in demand. Of the 2000 parents polled 5% said their buggy had been stolen in the last 12 months, meaning as many as 315,000 buggies could have been stolen in the last year alone. The theft of buggies costing more than £500 has increased by 40%. The number of expensive buggies I see about town, this does not surprise me at all. Popular places for buggies to be stolen were outside the home, in car parks and in cafes and restaurants.

I had to tell you about this product that we got sent to review, as it is so incredibly good. In fact, I’ve let it go right to the front of the review queue. The My Buggy Buddy Lock, is just the most ingenious device. It’s basically a lockable D- clip which is a perfect size for the buggy, or for shoving in your bag. I have attached mine to my pram so its always there. Its really lightweight and has a combination lock attached. It’s genius and saves me wandering around with my length of bicycle chain. This is one baby product that you really do need, I would say it’s essential and I’ve seen nothing better for this purpose.

You can buy them for £8.49 here I wish I had seen them earlier.

They also sell My Buggy Buddy Clips, these are quite handy for hanging the shopping bags off the handlebar if you have one of those all the way across handles on your buggy. Another great idea, although I have to admit I already thought of this one, using a carabina. However these are cheaper, you can find them at Hippychick here.


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  1. Planet-Cards 19th November 2010 / 9:27 am

    I think it's truly disgusting this buggy theft – I read that article on the black market for designer prams – worth 60 million pounds! Absolutely ridiculous…

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