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One of the age old problems of having a baby is all the stuff you have to cart around with you. I have a selection of changing bags to prove this fact. However, I wish I had come across PishPosh Mommy earlier in my parenting career. They sell the most ingenious stuff to help you remain a stylish, yet organised mum. We were sent a nappy clutch, changing pad and a carryall to test.

The nappy clutch, is basically a little clutch bag in which to carry your nappies. It’s a fab idea and previously to this I had actually made my own variation, although mine was not quite as posh. I loved the choice of fabrics and was very happy with the one we got. I thought it was stylish and well made. One little criticism; the Velcro was not matching on both sides of the clutch. I thought this was a bit poor and if I had seen this in the shop I would not have bought this one.

The Carryall is the most genius idea. It’s basically a little bag with pockets which you can slip into your normal handbag. I love this, I have used it loads and loads and will be buying it for all my friends who are about to become parents. It means you can use your normal bag and retain some degree of normalness when you have a baby. This is very good for retaining a sense of self, particularly after the initial flush of excitement vanishes and you find yourself resigned to a bag full of nappies and raisins.

The changing pad is available in a selection of fabrics which match the rest of the range. It’s a little bit small for my liking, but is soft and quite stylish (as far as change mats go!)

All in all, I think these are great products. They are made from decent quality fabric and are a reasonable price. I would have been really happy to have been given any of them as a baby shower gift. However, if I had to chose just, one it would be the carryall which is one of the best baby products I have seen this year. You can find the PishPosh Mommy stuff website here, it’s well worth a look.


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  1. Muddling Along Mummy 15th November 2010 / 5:06 pm

    Those are lovely – I was bought a nappy bag thingy to go in my handbag for last Christmas and love it, I'd previously been using a wash bag so was a definite improvement in quality (me wanting to pretend to not be a mum by not having a nappy bag…?)

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