Review: Just Dance Kids 2 on Nintendo Wii

Just Dance Kids 2 comes to us hot on the heels of, ummm, Just Dance Kids, which I reviewed for Mummy Reviews back in December. If you’re not in the know on this things, the whole Just Dance franchise is a rather ace and ultimately forgiving dance game for all the main home consoles.

Unlike some games that don’t let you progress when you do badly, Just Dance Kids 2 just lets you dance. If you’ve played the original Just Dance Kids, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. This isn’t really a quantum lead forward in terms of game mechanics, because nothing was really broken or needed improving. The simplified menu system and friendly dance moves are perfect for kids.

Just Dance Kids 2 offers an additional 40 songs to work your way through, there’s some more Yo Gabba Gabba, a bit of Justin Bieber, a touch of Miley Cirus but more importantly, they’ve got The Lion Sleeps Tonight, for full on embarrassing parent mode.

As long as your kids don’t twig they can just sit there and waggle the Wii remote, you’ll be fine!


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