So, that went well then…

Boy starts nursery in January, this is a whole new world for both of us. I’m not all that keen on school, it un-nerves me somewhat. I have tried, I even helped at a teaching session in a school with the museum’s education team once. I quite like kids and I think I would make a reasonable primary school teacher. However, the fabric of school un-nerves me. I remember standing outside the headmasters office and writing lines and being picked on and top trumps and school dinners and well, probably more about it all than I can remember from what happened to me last week. It all came flooding back to me as I sat in the school hall listening to, frankly drivel about where I could buy the school uniform and why I shouldn’t be late.

It didn’t go well, I tried to get into the door, honest I really did! How was I to know that it opens in the opposite direction to all other normal doors? Big Fail. I think the office staff had my card marked from that moment. I made my way to the hall and they had me down as not attending. Clearly they read minds there. This caused a massive kerfuffles and need for photocopying whilst I stood there like a lemon. Gucci and Boden clad mothers swirling past with the efficiency of Germany. It was not a good look and none of the other mothers could bring themselves to talk to me, one even moved when I sat down next to her. Great. I am not a tramp, I am a working mum who happened to not notice the large cereal stain down her jumper, the snot on her shoulder and the trail of mud behind her.

Thus after being harangued by the headmistress as apparently their photocopying was actually existent on the table already and I clearly couldn’t read, I decided to ask a question. It didn’t go well, I was told that it would be more appropriate to answer my question in private at the end. Some of us have to go to work. Some of us were actually bunking off work to go there. Can you truant from work? I was in a rush, I didn’t have all day.

My card is marked…sigh.

Anyway, the image is of me when I was at primary school. It’s one of my favourite pictures of this period of my childhood. I did, on the whole, love being primary school age I hope this new phase of Boys childhood will be as happy, despite the efforts of his mother!


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  1. Mark 2nd December 2010 / 9:58 pm

    And who&#39;d have thought that girl would work in a museum?<br /><br />I like our boys schools, but you are right most of the parent talks are drivel, aimed at folk who seem not to have a clue.

  2. Muddling Along Mummy 2nd December 2010 / 10:19 pm

    Ah another educational establishment in our neck of the woods woefully unable to cope with a working mum – sounds like Bigger&#39;s nursery…<br /><br />You are fab, they should realise this – I can come along and reinforce this message with my scary face?

  3. Top Trump Guy 2nd December 2010 / 10:50 pm

    Don&#39;t let them get you down… It&#39;s all an image thing for them; they try to out-do each other – to make out they are better. Take a step back and you&#39;ll see that they are all clones because they are afraid to show their real-selves.<br /><br />Keep your nerve and you&#39;ll slowly see the real ones become friends with you; probably without anyone seeing at first… It&#39;ll snowball

  4. Mummywhisperer 5th December 2010 / 9:27 pm

    Remember why you are fab and sooooo worth knowing, then fake a bit of confidence and I promise that in a short time you will find it&#39;s not all quite as scary/horrid it seems. You will make some friends and there will be worse parents for the teachers to worry about!<br /><br />Ooh and don&#39;t have a big stand up fight with the scary mum of older kids at the book sale like I did the other

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