Book Review: How Not To Get Fat; The Food Doctor

When I mentioned to my friend I was thinking of reviewing and talking about The Food Doctor’s latest book she said ‘oh no not that awful woman, the one who isn’t even really a nutritionist…” I wonder if this happens to Ian Marber a lot? The Food Doctor is as far as i am aware a proper nutritionist and his advice is based on really sound principles. And anyway, he is responsible for quite a nice range of food in the supermarket, some of which we eat on a regular basis.

If you want a little bit of an idea about the chap and what sorts of diets he suggests, take a look at this video which he created to help people eat healthily and lose weight whilst still (most importantly) enjoying food. At the end there is also a delicious pasta bake recipe.

Back to the book; How not to Get Fat Your Daily Diet, has a really interesting section on the main food groups which tells you how to cook things and provides little snack suggestions. Following each of these there is a recipe for a healthy meal based on that food group. I love a good recipe book and one that provides loads of information about the food is even better. So for me, this was perfect.

What sort of recipes can you expect? Well, we enjoyed (me in particular) the salad of mixed seeds with roasted aubergines and crumbled feta cheese. I love this sort of food, it’s precisely what I used to eat pre-kids and perfect for my health and fitness drive. Coming up on the Being a Mummy dinner list are: Tofu and sugar snap pea green curry, fish and baby vegetable stew and broccoli, cauliflower and tomato cheese bake.

For those of you trying to eat healthily I think this is a perfect cookbook. I cant find a dish which doesn’t look mouthwatering, really I cant. At the back there are meal plans, to top it all off, but if you are like me and you just need a bit of inspiration in your cooking this is the one for you. You can buy it here, (it wont break the bank either!)

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