Putting Things Off

Leaving things to the last minute sort of sums me up. I mean well, I plan years in advance and then the important things get left and left. That’s how is was with the school trousers. I did think about it, I decided he wouldn’t wear them but would wear joggers instead (it’s allowed). The boy had other ideas. I was well meaning, I thought I would get some. Then it got to the day before and I still hadn’t got them and they had sold out in two shops. Anyway, in the end I got them, but I felt a little stressed.

I meant to sew all the name tapes in etc, I really did. But then Fifi was hanging off my arm and being demanding. I meant to pack the school bag, but it was quite a lot of effort and I could do it later. I meant to fill in the paper work. I meant to talk to the boy endlessly about it and explain why he couldn’t take his bunny. He wanted to watch Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.

The night before nursery school starts and I get the most terrible migraine. I wonder if its the weight of all the things I meant to do hanging over me.

Now it’s the morning of his first day at nursery, I still have a migraine but not as bad (hence I can type). I am meaning to do all these things, I have half an hour, I’m good at putting off tasks.


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  1. Crystal Jigsaw 7th January 2011 / 11:59 am

    Lol, you sound like me! I mean to do a lot of things and they often get done on the last minute. Sewing labels in school uniform is something that never gets done though, I just use a biro!<br /><br />CJ xx

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