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My children were lucky enough to be asked to be Lego Duplo Ambassadors. How fab is that? Considering that up to this point we have been playing with the Duplo that I spent my entire childhood playing with, we were all jumping for joy. However we did have some questions, is it really that classic that the new would be compatible with the old stuff? We love our old retro Duplo, it can’t go. I’m pleased to report that it is all still totally compatible, what’s more I found out that Duplo bricks are also compatible with certain Lego bricks and Megablocks.

I digress, Fifi was given the My First Train

Boy was given the Building Fun

I think I dished them out to the wrong kids as more or less straight away they swopped. The train being perfect for two year old Fifi who can only stack the bricks, and the building set better for the boy as it requires a bit of thought in its construction.

We had loads of fun playing with the building blocks, making different animals and some aliens. It’s a basic but essential set which would be a perfect gift for a Duplo novice.

The train has proved very popular though, what is so great is that it actually fits with my vintage 1970s Duplo train which means we can make it really long. The elephant has been great for building all sorts of things (including an Indian restaurant) but also for playing ‘trips to the circus’ and ‘trips to the zoo’. The little clown carries an umbrella, now this is where it really came into its own as the boy is learning Jolly Phonics at school. This week it was the letter ‘U’ and they have a ‘sound table’ which basically means they have to take something in which represents that letter. I was racking my brains, until I remembered the Duplo umbrella. So helpful- if your little ones are doing phonics buy this set immediately!

Since I first started drafting this review we have been so impressed with how our children have been playing with Duplo, not only consistently, but also with greater dexterity each time. In fact, we have now added to our box of Duplo and so now the living room carpet looks a little bit like this:


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  1. Emily O 23rd January 2011 / 8:48 pm

    I was planning on doing my Duplo review tonight! Great minds and all that. My children love Duplo and it really helped my 5 year old make the transition onto small Lego. That said, he still plays a lot with Duplo, it's great.

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