Review: Love Story the Musical

I’m not really a sucker for sad sentimental stuff, and very few films have made me cry; Watership Down, Love Life, Love Story are amongst them. So whatever made me think it was a good idea to see the musical of Love Story is a mystery to me. But I am very glad I did. I loved it.

The pitch was as follows, there is no point in me re-hashing it for you: “Love Story is inspired by Erich Segal’s best-selling iconic novel, also one of the most romantic films of all time. Love Story will win your heart. And it might break it. Michael Ball makes his West End debut as a producer after falling in love with the enchanting new British musical.” We were offered a couple of tickets in exchange for an honest review.

Love Story had rave reviews when it was on in Chichester, so I was expecting good things and it didn’t disappoint. I loved every minute of it, even the bits which were so sad they had the man in front of me biting his wrist and the lady to my left sobbing into a tissue. I am a hardened soul, but at one point I did sort of have to well, I may as well admit it- bite my lip. Just a little bit.

This is a 90 minute show without an interval. I was amazed how Emma Williams who is playing the role of music student Jenny kept the pace. I had heard that she is a superb musical theatre actress, but I haven’t been lucky enough to see her until now. The chemistry between her and Michael Xavier who plays Oliver was perfect, so good it left us wondering whether they were actually a couple in real life.

I really enjoy musical theatre and my CD collection has all the classics. With Howard Goodall and Steven Clark writing the score it was no surprise that the music was superb. The song where they cook the pasta had moments of Gilbert and Sullivan like genius. The rest of the music seemed perfect to convey the appropriate moods and I would happily add a CD of it to my collection.

One of the things I dislike about going to the theatre is the whole Interval thing. I find that you either spent the whole time queuing up for the loo, or wondering if you have enough time to get a drink. So for me, the fact that there is no interval was great. Although probably worth bearing in mind before you sit down. It also meant that we got home at a reasonable time, perfect for a trip during the week!

Love Story is a perfect musical for a romantic date or a girly night out. I came out and thought how much I should appreciate my family, as you never know what might happen next. That was until I came home to the mess; only joking. We had a really enjoyable evening, even if it was a bit sad. You can find the Facebook page here and there’s loads more information on the website.


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  1. Hayley 22nd January 2011 / 1:31 pm

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! 😀

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