Review; Your Shape; Fitness Evolved (Part one)

Part of the new fitness for half marathon training regime involves warming up and doing some of the stuff at home as I cant afford the luxury of a gym membership. Not to worry though, as I was kindly given an Xbox Kinect with Your Shape in order to kick start my programme. I shall be tracking some of my progress through the system on the blog but it’s all on line for everyone to see. I just need to work out how to enable you all to do that, so that’s for another post.

So far, I’ve done a couple of work outs- well it has been Christmas! I do love it though, it’s a great system. You can do everything without any equipment, it tells you how many calories you have burnt, you can see yourself on the screen which spurs you on and you can chart your progress on line. The only issue is that you do need to stand quite a long way away from the television, which for us means I have to move the coffee table out of the way. But that really is my only criticism at the moment.

Your Shape works in a few different ways, you can choose a Personal Trainer session or do some fab gym games. I like both, the personal trainer work outs are great and to be honest for someone totally uncoordinated like me, they have given me a bit of confidence to book some actual real life fitness classes. I like the way they are short and you can pop in and out of them and I can honestly say I have enjoyed them a lot. The image here shows you what your screen looks like- you would stand where the blue person is standing.

The gym games are varied, but its a great encouragement to see the calories you burn. For me though, this means that the boxing game simply has to be done ( it burns the most calories). I could spend hours doing this one if I was fit enough. Frankly, it’s just the trick if you have had a stressful day at work. Look at the picture here, wouldn’t you like to see yourself smashing those boxes…

I have Wii Fit and EA Sports Interactive on the Wii and I think that this surpasses both of those by a long way. It’s just so much more convenient not having to hold a nunchuck or have a Wiimote strapped to your knee. The day after my first personal training session I could feel muscles that I haven’t used since having babies, that’s always a good sign. I think it has given me the kick start that I needed for my fitness regime. OK, its probably not ideal for hardened athletes, but for slightly plump mums it’s great, especially in the dark winter nights.

If you fancy finding out a bit more you can see some more information, including a fab trailer or even buy the game here from Ubisoft.


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  1. Michelloui 13th January 2011 / 8:00 pm

    Great review, you make Your Shape sound so appealing! Perhaps it&#39;s time for me to make an investment…<br /><br />Im enjoying this blog. So Im now following!

  2. Lauren Jackson 14th January 2011 / 12:34 pm

    Your Shape sounds fantastic. It&#39;s much cheaper than a gym and you can work-out in the comfort of you&#39;re own home. Always a bonus when you have kids. I wish they did something similar for the Play Station. We don&#39;t have an Xbox in our house.

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