Learning Super Powers

Recently there have been a number of discussions in our office which have spilled into other spheres of my life about these real life superheros in Seattle. I have to admit I find them fascinating. Apparently they have made a real difference to crime, and there have been no deaths yet. Clearly there is something about being clad in lycra which inspires awe in even the baddest of baddies.

The boy loves dressing up as a superhero, some days he is Batman, sometimes Spiderman, sometimes Buzz Lightyear. He even used to go to playgroup in his superhero uniform. It’s very endearing, although sometimes I do wonder about the fantasy world and exactly where he is learning his play scenarios. There is an awful lot of death and chopping off of peoples heads…

Anyhow, we decided after much consideration that one way to help Boy overcome his confidence issues would be to enroll him into Karate class. In our town we are lucky enough to have a club which run sessions for younger kids and so we took him there to join in. Unfortunately our first session was less than a success, the boy spent the whole time clinging to his dads leg. He clearly wanted to join in, but shyness over came him.

On consideration, it may have been more sensible to show him a film which featured people wearing karate outfits rather than Kung-Fu Panda. But you only learn these things with hindsight. When questioned the little fella said he was scared of the man leading the session, the scary baddie. Hmmm, I felt I had no choice, the boy has been told that the man is actually a superhero and is teaching the boy his special powers. I think that if we can inspire the boy and fill him with awe, he may just learn to overcome his shyness to be the best superhero ever. I can but hope!


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  1. ella 7th February 2011 / 10:01 am

    He sounds like my boys. And I'd have done exactly the same thing about the teacher/baddie, he'll get so much out of it, it would be a shame for him to miss out when a simple child-friendly explanation will do the trick!

  2. Emma 7th February 2011 / 3:37 pm

    Aww! Bless, I hope his shyness vanishes! I bet he's going to love it! Jon already has plans on joining Oli up to kickboxing as soon as he's old enough!

  3. Spencer Park 7th February 2011 / 7:48 pm

    I took my lad to football coaching (after a lot of nagging from him). He spent the entire session clinging to my leg shouting, &quot;It&#39;s too scary!&quot;<br /><br />Such fun times!

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