Either you have it, or you don’t. According to some research verbally communicated to me by my Health Visitors, boys don’t really have it (at least early on) they genuinely don’t care. I do find this quite difficult to believe, but then I have always been excessively motivated to do stuff and achieve. Or I was until I had children and they sapped the very life blood out of me by embarking upon extreme sleep deprivation measures and forcing me to eat copious amounts of chocolates in order to provide myself with a little bit of comfort.

Back to the point, how does one motivate small children? Well, apparently little girls don’t need endless bribery, threats etc etc. They simply want to please you. This makes for relative ease and is considered to be one of the reasons why girls do loads of craft and drawing etc to bring home from nursery and give you, whilst the boys just have a punch up in the corner.

Boys, need to be bribed, cajoled and you must use all your feminine guile on them to force them to, I mean help them, to kick-start their internal motivation. Thus the very act of making them think that they want to dress themselves, put their own shoes on and do that drawing for mummy at school will apparently assist them later in life. It will mean that they get their G.C.S.E.s and eventually go to University to study hard for years and find themselves in debt with a rubbish paid job. Or is that just the archaeology graduates? If you don’t, and you help your four year old put on their shoes (partly for your own sanity) you may have missed your chance to instill that internal force known as motivation. They may just end up as a drop-out and be forced to do a trade. Whereby as far as I can tell from my peers they will end up driving a Porsche or Ferrari at 35 and owning that large detached house with a gated entrance in Essex.

Mothers (and fathers), it’s up to you. Discuss…


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  1. Alex 11th February 2011 / 11:36 am

    At time I think there&#39;s an inverse relationship between academic achievement and contentment with your lot in life.<br /><br />Perhaps us people with degrees, post grad qualification or professional qualifications just think too much at times.

  2. Mummy Whisperer 11th February 2011 / 12:05 pm

    Alex, you are right – our direction/motivation in life comes from our values, which subconsciously come from what we think is missing in our lives.<br /><br />But it gets me mad that people like health visitors label kids &amp; genders like this. Boys and girls are both motivated, it&#39;s just that they are easily motivated to do different things because they have different values, and there

  3. Muddling Along Mummy 11th February 2011 / 5:18 pm

    Given the environment in which I work you could assume that men are far more motivated than women – the place is 90% male and those men are incredibly (and often far too) driven<br /><br />I think every toddler is easily distracted and has a million things they&#39;d rather than do than get dressed or put on wellies, or that may just be Bigger who seems to be unable to follow a single instruction

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