Review; Grandpa in my Pocket

I have always been surprised how much my children enjoy Grandpa in my Pocket. I think it’s because essentially Grandpa in my Pocket not a typical Cbeebies programme. It has proper actors and everything. From a really early age Fifi has sat and watched it and now at two she actively asks to view it. This has to be the result of having a bigger brother, she doesn’t get to watch the baby stuff.

I don’t mind Fifi and boy as it’s one of those programmes which I can watch too, it doesn’t drive me mad and it doesn’t assume that children are not able to follow a story-line. I also find it amusing watching James Bolam (from New Tricks) on a Cbeebies programme.

The programme tells of the tricks that Jason’s Grandpa gets up to when he puts on his magic shrinking cap.This DVD features a few episodes; including one where Jason and his Grandpa have to help save Jemima (Jason’s sister’s) party from being ruined by a grumpy magician. If you want to get a kids DVD this seems quite a good idea, especially for when the programmes are no longer on the iPlayer!

Grandpa in my Pocket, Volume 3: Mr Marvelloso’s Magic Tricks is considered suitable for children aged 4 – 6, RRP £7.99. You can buy a copy here


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