Review: Ideas for Valentines Day Chocolates

What better than the offer to review four boxes of chocolates under extreme time pressure eh? Well that’s exactly what happened to me this week thanks to (where I am lined up to do a few reviews). So, despite the best intentions of my healthy diet and exercise regime I literally had to force myself to stuff four boxes of chocolates in the interest of you readers; you are the ones who are really benefiting from this review, ahem.

In order to help out those of you that are indecisive, here are my suggestions of appropriate recipients for each box. I’ve written them all from a woman’s point of view, but I think that there are probably equivalent men (if you see what I mean!)

Earth Conscious, Posh Totty
Green and Blacks is perfect If your other half is an earth friendly, organic eater who shops in Whistles and appreciates that variety is the spice of life. I particularly enjoyed the cherry variety. They are very dark and rich and you cant eat too many at once, this is a good thing. Around five pounds from Waitrose

The Fair Trade shopper who enjoys romance
The Divine Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts box is perfect if you wish to romance your other half, yet still demonstrate that you are aware of fair trade and organic issues. If they have a penchant for People Tree clothes like me, then this box is for them. I absolutely loved the way they were packaged and thought how perfect it would be to be served a morning coffee with them or find three little gold wrapped hearts on my pillow. They also tasted fabulous.
Available from Oxfam at an RRP of £6.00

The traditionalist, middle of the road
Dairy Box are perfect for those women who don’t like taking risks and don’t like change. I thought the box looked a bit dated, but was actually really surprised with the new style chocolates inside, at least I don’t remember them being quite so nice. They really are classic, but smooth dairy chocolates. There are ten different types. Lovely flavours and I have to admit that myself and the hubby gobbled them down within the space of an hour, they were just so moorish. I don’t really think I would be pleased with them myself if hubby appeared with them for Valentines Day, but I think they would be perfect for my mums generation.
They retail for around three pounds (quite a bargain!)

Traditional and yet a bit racy…
Black Magic Classic Favourites are as scrummy as they ever were. However they remind me a bit of a gift which goes along with red lacy bras and pants. I think its the packaging. The chocolates are lovely and if you are planning an evening of wine-ing and dining your wife or girlfriend, I reckon that you couldn’t go wrong. Personally, if the husband cooked me a meal and then brought these out with coffee I reckon I’d have a fair idea of what he was after…
They retail for around four pounds

I hope this helps, myself and the husband will probably pop to our local takeaway and get a Chinese feast and some wine, this will be followed by yet more chocolates. I’ve been spoilt now, he may have to get all four again!


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