Tesco Magazine Mum of the Year Awards 2011

I’m fresh from attending the Tesco Magazine Mum of the Year Awards. I return home to find the husband fraught, toys strewn everywhere and two children being rather boisterous for seven thirty in the evening. Poor hubby. Still, I had a nice day and that’s all that counts isn’t it!

I realise that over the past few weeks I have been a little bit introspective on this blog. I think I have been dwelling on various issues within our family, the little problems have become enormous and insurmountable in my mind. That’s why the Mum of the Year Awards have actually done me a lot of good. That’s also why you should read about these remarkable women.

I was fortunate enough to meet most of the amazing mums at their photoshoot a couple of months ago. Chatting to them I was humbled and I have to admit there were two mums which had such an impact on me that they changed my perspective on certain things. To sit and watch all their stories on video at the event really brought them to life. Even the hardened cold hearted woman that I am felt a little tiny string pulling at her heart. Yes, I did have something in my eye, honest.

I was astonished at how amazing all of these women looked, given that having kids has quite literally added a couple of stone in weight to me and aged me about 25 years. I think it is because they all have such remarkable personalities, their strength shines through and makes them radiant. Running the odd marathon in between caring for children and fundraising clearly helps too. There is a lesson in itself isn’t it? Instead of sitting on the sofa, quietly stewing about stuff, get out there and make a difference.

Sally Dynevor won Celebrity Mum of the Year after her battle with breast cancer. I was astonished at her personal strength to hear that she found out on the day she was shooting those harrowing scenes in Coronation Street. Doesn’t she look wonderful?

The event itself was amazing, it was wonderful to see all the Mums of the Year looking fabulous and great fun celebrity spotting. I even got to sit at a table with the radiant and gorgeous Emma Forbes and Cherry Healey, who were both chatty and lovely. We were treated to a lovely meal. Even better, the champagne and wine were flowing. During the awards there were three live performances; some chap called Shayne Ward, some other chaps whose name escapes me (I’m so down with the kids these days) and the amazing Beverly Knight who literally took my breath away with her singing.
However, the highlight was seeing the mums collect their awards and watching the films about their stories. From now on if I feel like moaning, like giving up parenting and running away or just slacking, I will look back to today and remember that each person can make a difference you just need the courage, inspiration, determination and sheer will power to do it. If you want to find out more about the mums and their stories you can pick up a copy of the Tesco Magazine in your local store or click here to go to their website.


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