Then I Stroked a Bearded Lizard Called Brian

I’ve mentioned before how incredibly lucky we are to live close to Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton. Since Heritage Lottery Funding was pumped into it the place is fantastic for children. And free!

This half term they gave literally hundreds of kids and their parents the chance to come face to face with a selection of reptiles, spiders and cute fluffy animals, we had a whale of a time. I realised what a childish sense of humour I have as I found the reptiles names hilarious; Brian, Derek and so on!

Best of all, the children were exhausted after coming face to face with all these creatures and then running about the grounds and playground to their hearts content. Little Fifi can now recognise a lizard. I’m quite impressed with this. If you live nearby, make sure you check it out. You might spot me and a couple of other local bloggers!


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