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In 1984 I was 9, The NeverEnding Story was released and Limahl was racing up the charts with its theme song. ‘Dream a dream…’ I loved it, although I could never decide if he was a better pop star than Howard Jones. I was massively into reading books and would devour Rosemary Sutcliff novels and all manner of children’s fantasy stories. I was jealous of the boy in the film, despite being bullied he entered an imaginary world and had adventures…

Film buffs will know that its Wolfgang Peterson’s first English language film, he later made Troy, a film so bad I cant stop re-watching it,  if just to look at Brad Pitt. In my opinion The NeverEnding Story is Peterson’s best film. Loads of things happen in the world of Fantasia where the film is primarily set. Fantasia is a wonderful place which is actually a metaphor for humanity, although whether or not the kids would actually realise this is doubtful.

We actually first watched this film with the kids over Christmas when it was on Love Film. The kids loved it, they have been begging to see it again ever since, so I was delighted that this was the first film we have been asked to review as part of the Tots 100 Film Club.

As you are aware my kids are small, 4 and a half and 3 but they do like movies and will happily sit through them at the cinema. The NeverEnding Story does require a little bit of thought, its not one you can dip in and out of easily and it is quite grown up. However, they were genuinely gripped by it. I made sure I watched it with them because there are a few scary moments and some of the characters are a little bit scary looking. Boy loved the fact that the lead character was another little boy, I think he identified with him in some small way. The film has moments when you laugh, moments when you cry and despite its 1980’s feel its a family film somehow unlike ones they make nowadays.

You can pick it up here for THREE QUID what a total bargain, a must have, if like me you are a child of the seventies and eighties. This is the first kids film in ages which I am more than happy to watch time and time again. I’ve been inspired to go through all the kids films I loved and try to get hold of them for my children.


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