Check out the size of this tooth

Recently trips to the dentist have been a bit of a nightmare. The last visit particularly traumatic as it was revealed that I have quite serious problems with my teeth. However, the dentist was rather cryptic in front of the children, which made it a hundred times worse for all involved. The kids check-ups descended into a sort of nightmare whereby I wrestled Fifi to the chair and pinned her down so the dentist could look into her (screaming) mouth whilst the boy cowered in the corner.

Thus I am attempting a new approach, we are investigating all sorts of teeth and reading even more books about trips to the dentist. Last week provided the opportunity to look at fossil sharks teeth. Check this one out.


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  1. Crystal Jigsaw 26th March 2011 / 3:03 pm

    I&#39;m not a fan of dentists either though we do go every 6 months. It&#39;s the thought of what they might do that gets to me!<br /><br />CJ xx

  2. Becky Goddard-Hill 27th March 2011 / 9:10 am

    Blimey its a whopper! <br /><br />I have had to get plaque removed a few times recently really blooming expensive! <br /><br />I find the dentist scary too. I read a book recently called whale done parenting. The whole philospophy is about making unpleasant experiences palatable for kids rather than rewarding them afterwards. The book would suggest that a dentist should have a movie on hand

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