D is For Dinosaur; The innocent Magnet Game (sponsored)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by innocent, who make those yummy fruit smoothies and asked if I would like to be an Alphabet Queen for the day in exchange for some yummy smoothies and a complete set of their new fridge magnets. Now, I’m happy to be queen of anything and so I agreed. Secretly I hoped I could be queen on the day of the Royal Wedding, wouldn’t that be something? I’ll just have to wait for when Fifi or Boy marries and then I can behave in a stately fashion.

I am Queen of D and of course, D is for dinosaur. It’s a perfect combination and the ideal excuse to do lots of dinosaur related activities with the kids. The hardship! This weekend we popped into our local museum where they were having a geology event involving lots of rocks and fossils. It was the ideal opportunity to put our fridge magnet next to some real life fossil dinosaur bones. Fifi also insisted that we put her toy dinosaurs in the photo, who can argue with a two year old.

If you want to get involved it’s easy enough, all you need to do is  take a picture of your magnet next to something which starts with the same letter. You can tweet your photo to@innocentdrinks and #innocentkids or pop it into their Flickr site. To find out more visit the Innocent website for more details.

I’m really looking forward to looking at everyones photos, it’s a fab idea and will be great to see what people associate each letter with.


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  1. Mrs C 30th March 2011 / 7:54 pm

    Ooooh – exciting. I've only just discovered these magnets, and as the first letter in the alphabet I have is "h" it gives me a little while to think about what to do!

  2. Fat Mummy 30th March 2011 / 8:04 pm

    it's a genius idea, and great for getting the kids involved too!

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