Gluttony, Pride, Envy: Guilty as Charged

The seven deadly sins, probably best remembered via the plot of the film Seven if you are a closet film buff like me. Anyway, the other day it occurred to me that I am veering towards being guilty of most of them. I don’t think this is a good thing, however it appears to be a by-product of parenting.

Since I had Fifi I have put on well over a stone in weight. Yes, that’s SINCE. It’s despite my best intentions, I have been using YourShape and various fitness DVD’s but I haven’t been out running on a regular basis, something which I used to love. Gluttony is the problem, it’s simple to diagnose; chocolate, sweets and cakes really do help when you are all alone at sea with two children screaming at you. Do you have a problem with that?

I find the world seems better when views through the eyes of other people. I envy other peoples pushchairs/change bags although I have plenty of my own. However what I Envy most are those mums that manage to stay at home and lead calm domesticated lives. Lives full of ordered bookshelves, flowery table cloths and neatly pressed clothes. I know that I don’t have the ability to do this myself, two days with the the little bundles of joy and I can be a festering hormonal bundle of nerves.The emotion is there though, and it’s there in spades.

Of course, my children are in fact one hundred times better than yours. OK, actually they are not I am fully aware of that. I view each child as an individual to be nurtured, loved, cuddled and enjoyed. But I am guilty of feeling the most immense, all encompassing, unrelenting Pride in nearly everything they do. Look, boy managed to use a knife on his own, look everyone Fifi is clearly explaining the merits of that Impressionist painting over there. You get my drift…


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  1. Rach 28th March 2011 / 9:32 pm

    a ha – yep totally ….. just like me and cake does help its a fact when ur mind and body are both exhausted we deserve it !! sometimes i try to make myself just rest instead to get myself recharged but cakes too good. <br />Guilt is felt big time too – no matter what I do I&#39;m thinking I should be doing another thing …

  2. Elaine Livingstone 29th March 2011 / 7:36 am

    yes think we can all relate to where your coming from, but I think with a baby and a toddler you should replace gluttony for comfort eating – with 2 young children (sorry this isnt rude its just experience) doing your head in a lot of the day then you need some chill time and hey presto chocolate and cake become your friend.<br />next time they are doing your head in stick the 2 of them in the

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