Review; Fisher Price Waybuloo Talking Plush Toys

It’s no secret that myself and the husband can be a little bit unconventional at times. For example, one day the hubby decided to start attending my Yoga class, as the only male present and with 6 ft 4 of him towering over the rest of us I think it was an enjoyable revelation. Anyhow, we have always enjoyed Yoga and so it was brilliant when the BBC started encouraging children to have a go with their television programme Waybuloo.

The kids have watched Waybuloo and joined in right from episode one. It’s funny to see them doing little cat poses and other moves on the living room floor and I think the gentleness of the programme does them a lot of good in our frenetic rough and tumble household.

When I heard that Fisher Price actually make talking soft toy characters from the show I almost jumped for joy as I knew that out of all the hundreds of soft toys we have the kids would really love them. As predicted, they do, Fifi was given the talking plush De Li and Boy was given the talking Plush Yojojo. So far, both toys have been taken to the zoo, school, nanny’s house, the museum and the supermarket.Yojojo is apparently rather good at warding off the monsters that live in boys room.

These toys have sound effects which rather brilliantly (and rarely) can be turned on or off. They say appropriate phrases from the show. I haven’t found them irritating, although I would say that at two Fifi does find it quite hard to press her one and get it to talk.

Apart from that, I think these are probably the (second) best soft toys we own, they would be first but the Boy has a soft toy bunny as a comforter. If you are looking for a pre-school gift for children that like Waybuloo you really cant go far wrong, they are reasonably priced, well made and exactly like the piplins from the show.


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  1. 6th March 2011 / 12:17 am

    So glad I read this as we have de-li and I didn't know you could switch the sound off! She often makes me jump out of my skin when her sound goes off as I am tucking my little one into bed. Going to go and see if I can see a switch 🙂

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