Review: Fitness DVD: Beverley Callard’s Body Blaster

I’ve been a little bit deluged with fitness DVD’s and I realised that I couldn’t do them all myself so I enlisted the help of my sister-in-law. She is on a fitness mission at the moment and really knows her stuff. Here is her review:

So, here we are another ‘celebrity’ fitness DVD, claiming to make over your body in 12 weeks, I have never been a fan of Celebrity fitness DVD’s, I would rather use the gym, do a class at a gym or have a boxercise session with the Nintendo WII.  I was hoping that this DVD would change my mind.
Unfortunately it did not, it was the same as any other celebrity DVD.  I did not think the warm up was particularly great and did not really stretch the right areas that a warm up should do. There are 6 sections to the DVD and they seemed a little bit tame. The session Hardcore Blast, was said to be a tough session, but I have had more of a workout in my zumba class that I do.
The commentary all the way through seemed very fake, and she actually sounded quite bored all the way through it, and was actually surprised that she was leading the sessions on her own. Although I have since learnt she is a personal trainer and does this in tandem with her TV career!

All in all, I was very disappointed and I think that people are better off using the gym, going outside for a run, or doing a class, or even using their Nintendo WII’s, this DVD unfortunately has not changed my mind. It has to be said though that this probably isn’t intended for my age group,  rather for forty to fifty year olds who presumably make up her core fanbase. 


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