Review; Fitness DVD’s Nadia Sawalha Fat to Flab

Around January I began my fitness drive. I’ve been having a good old go with YourShape which is proving fun, I’ve had a session with a personal trainer and I have attempted the odd run. The problem has been the darkness, its quite dark by the time I am child free and I cant afford the gym. However, I have had another secret weapon some fitness DVD’s.

Now to be fair I couldn’t honestly review the three  I was given at the same time so my lovely sister in law has reviewed one of them for me.First up in this fitness review series is Nadia Sawalha Fat to Flab. This was the DVD which I was most keen to have a go at, I like Nadia as a TV personality as she seems quite real. I know she really was quite fat and that she has lost a lot of weight and looks fab on it so I was looking forward to having a go at her programme.

The Nadia workout is based upon a series of 5 routines, including a fairly intense warm up. I really enjoyed this as it meant that if you are in a rush you can simply do the warm up and feel like you are doing yourself some good. There is also a fantastic cool-down which can double up as a nice relaxing fitness session.

I have to say this is one of the best fitness DVD’s I’ve ever used. I like the music and Nadia’s down to earth presenting style I’m not sure about results yet, as I am doing other stuff as well, but it does make me feel as if I am making a difference.

You can have a little look here;


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  1. notososinglemum 23rd March 2011 / 2:57 pm

    I&#39;ve been wanting to try this one out myself so I&#39;m glad you&#39;ve reviewed it. I love Nadia Sawalha and am hoping that by doing this dvd on a regular basis that I can continue to cook the amazing recipes from her cook book too! <br /><br />Think I may be paying a visit to amazon later to get myself a copy!

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