Ten Issues I Really Care About As a Mother

Motherhood has changed me and there are different issues which I consider important compared to when I was young free and single. I am not going to post endless links to different example charities, I just thought I’d list the general areas and hope that it sparks some discussion. Am I missing something? Or do you all feel the same?

Homelessness: One thing that worries me is how easy it is for someone to become homeless and how easy it is to then get stuck in a cycle where it is difficult to help oneself. I think this is part a result of years of commuting into London and seeing the same homeless people every day. I couldn’t bear to think of my children becoming homeless and whenever I see someone on the streets however they might be behaving I always think that they also had a mother.

The Environment: I’ve always been a bit of an earth mother (I would be really though as I am environmental archaeologist), and from very early in my childhood felt quite strongly about environmental issues. I worry about global warming, that my kids will never get to see a real live Polar Bear and that we will lose lots of potentially amazing animals and plants not known to science. I don’t want future generations of my family to suffer as a result of the things we do today. I think we need to preserve habitats rather than build on them.

Domestic Violence: Everyone deserves to feel safe. Whether its physical or mental abuse this is one issue that none of us should ignore. I often think how important it is to be aware that it is very likely happening within your community, amongst people who you know and would never suspect to be suffering.

Children’s Charities: I’m a bit selective here, but charities that deal with child abuse are top on my list.

Education: Not a charity, but a cause. As far as I am concerned every child or young person in this country is entitled to a free quality education, if this utopia could be achieved our country would be a better place. I do not agree with university tuition fees and I am not a fan of the school PTA putting subtle pressure on parents to meet the shortfalls in funding which should be filled by the government.

The NHS: My experience of hospitals is that they are under-staffed, overwhelmed and dirty. There is over-management and under-funding of critical areas. I really care that the local kids A & E has had its hours cut, I care that there are not enough SCBU beds, that there are staff which don’t seem to understand basic human dignity and that it’s virtually an impossible to get an appointment at the doctors. This one issue could sway my vote in an election.

Human Rights: I care whether something is manufactured without someone being exploited. I will pay more money for a product if they show that it has been made in a factory where workers are provided with basic human rights and a fair wage. I hate to think that we might own products made by children and I try quite hard to make sure that we don’t.

Equality: I feel incredibly strongly that all individuals are equal, everybody deserves the same opportunities in life and I get very upset when I see people being unfairly treated. Although I have always felt like this I think I have become far more vocal since becoming a mother.

Cancer Research: Cancer has touched our family and I am always shocked when I hear the statistics. This is one area where money does seem to make a difference whether it through education or research.

The local hospice: In my humble opinion, this is a service that should be funded from government. Everybody deserves the help and dignity that a properly managed and funded hospice can provide if they need it.


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  1. Elle and Belle 5th March 2011 / 9:28 pm

    "Human Rights". This is one of our inspirations for trying to start our business. One of the reasons we made anything in the first place was because we wanted ethically made clothes for the girls.

  2. Mark 6th March 2011 / 12:56 pm

    A good list.<br /><br />I sincerely hope that in your capacity as a mother you will never have to use the hospice services<br /><br />I think I&#39;d add, world poverty and freedom, which sounds a bit grand but is tied up with issues of security and decency. <br /><br />Interesting that there is no mention of nuclear arms or world war which I suspect would have been higher on peoples thoughts

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