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I have to admit it has been years since I have done a Q & A meme and so I was secretly thrilled to be tagged by Sally at Who’s the Mummy for this one. Not least, because I have recently lost a bit of blogging inspiration…
Which living person do you most admire, and why?
I’m a fan of anyone who does anything selfless which means I admire an awful lot of people. I was inspired by the work of Jane Goodall at university and I still admire what she has done in terms of research and conservation and if there is one person who I would like to meet it would be her.
When were you happiest?
I have had moments of extreme happiness throughout my life; there are a few highlights such during the early 1990’s when I went to loads of gigs and was at university, during the early 2000’s when myself and the husband were dating and of course, anytime when I am on a beach in Norfolk and Dorset.
What was your most embarrassing moment? 
There have been many slipping over with a bowl of custard at school is a particular highlight…
Aside from property, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
Apart from furniture and a car probably my electric Fender guitar.
What is your most treasured possession?
My children and my engagement ring.
Where would you like to live?
North Norfolk. 
What’s your favourite smell?
Freshly baked bread or that special seasidey smell.
Who would play you in the film of your life?
Cameron Diaz
What is your favourite book?
I loved reading The Sword and the Circle by Rosemary Sutcliffe. I don’t have time to read many books now though, so when I do they all end up being my latest favourite…
What is your most unappealing habit?
Like Sally I can be unbelievably competitive, however I would think that the husband would tell you its the fact that I am a pathological hoarder who never wastes anything. This has created a space issue in our house.
What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?
Wonder Woman or The Bride from Kill Bill
What is your earliest memory?
Seeing my little sister for the first time
What is your guiltiest pleasure?
What do you owe your parents?
To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?
No-one, I try to treat people as I would like to be treated.
What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My husband and my children
What does love feel like?
Wholesome, all embracing and happy.
What was the best kiss of your life?
Probably the one myself and the husband had when we returned home after we had just got married.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
I have stock phrases these include ‘oh, no were are late again’, ‘fab’, ‘I’m just so tired’ and ‘right’
What is the worst job you’ve done?
This is quite a hard one because I have had moments in all my jobs. Excavating half preserved skeletons springs to mind as that was a bit disturbing. The other disturbing job was probably working as a barmaid in the pub where I had to fend off middle aged men at every turn.
If you could edit your past, what would you change?
I would probably make a different career choice as I would quite like to be rich.
What is the closest you’ve come to death?
When I saw myself in my hospital bed from above after I had been admitted with pneumonia/ flu whilst 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant…
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Passing my driving test and being for a short while the youngest museum Collections Manager in the UK. Some people even thought I might be on a fast track for career success and national museum directorships. How I look back and sob, laugh.
When did you last cry, and why?
It was probably over my work, can’t remember when though.
How do you relax? 
I don’t, I have two modes: on and off
What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
The money to live where I want and do what I want.
What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Take every opportunity that is presented and have no regrets.
I am not a fan of passing memes onto people but I would quite like to read what the following people have to say (but feel free to join in if you want to);  Mrs C, Daddacool and Medicore Mum

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  1. mum in meltdown 26th April 2011 / 8:39 pm

    Hi love your answers especially the relax one!!!! just found your blog via Tots 100 and have enjoyed catching up on some of your posts. I did this Q and A too so take a look at my answers over at<br />Will be following from now on x

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