Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend my little boy celebrated his fourth birthday. I am exhausted! From first thing on Saturday morning to last thing on Sunday night we had an over-excited little fella who seemed to experience enormous highs and lows. These were closely followed with exact copies of these moods brought to us by his little sister who imitates virtually everything he does.

The big day came and at 6:30 am there was a frenzied opening of presents. We bought Boy a Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Sabre Car, for a small boy this is the greatest thing, ever. However, it is also the most fiddly, shoddily made thing that currently is available to purchase in the UK. It will rapidly become the bane of my life and if it wasn’t the best thing in the whole word ever I would be trying to hide it somewhere and deny all knowledge of its existence.

Now, as you know, all the best people live in St Albans and the very best people all seem to live within six or seven roads of each other. So it was no surprise to find that the lovely couple behind Happy Hoppersz live round the corner from me. In true neighbourly fashion, they lent me six for the infamous party, you know, the one I’ve been worrying about for weeks on end. I felt enormously relieved as I knew they would go down a treat.

As luck would have it, the weather was gorgeous and so we made full use of the sunshine and threw caution to the wind turning the party into a sort of impromptu picnic. We added a little bit of Latin American music, put up a table with some sausage rolls and crisps and I had two glasses of wine. The party suddenly seemed a lot better. Fortunately the kids (many of them dressed up in costumes) seem to love all this and we had a few races on the Happy Hoppersz and lots of general bouncing around. They were a big hit with the six year olds, the four year olds and the two year olds, even little baby W. who is one found herself at home on one. I think all the adults were impressed with them.

In terms of traditional party games, pass the parcel seemed to go reasonably well as did the egg hunt (although I didn’t have enough eggs). The Star Wars Lego Treasure Hunt around the museum went down a treat.  How many kids get to have their own treasure hunt in a museum? The lucky so and so. All in all, I think the kids had a good time and didn’t feel too bored or overly instructed to do stuff.

In our role as Lego Duplo Ambassadors we had a bit of a Duplo theme to the party. I have to admit, this was a little bit hi-jacked into ‘Lego Duplo Star Wars Superhero and Fairy’ party. Without doubt one of the highlights was the magnificent cake that Duplo provided us with, to which we added Star Wars Lego figures. I felt like the Pied Piper surrounded by children when I produced the cake. Literally swarms of children came over and then followed me around the garden making it quite hard to get a picture of the boy and his cake alone. I am told some children are still talking about the cake now. High praise indeed!

After the party Boys best friend’s family came back to our house to help us eat up the sausage rolls and crisps and open the mountain of pressies. For Boy this was one of the highlights of the day and he was so excited and overwhelmed to get a Hot Wheels track and lots of fantastic Ben 10 toys, I thought he might explode.By 8:00 pm on Sunday the boy finally fell asleep exhausted, by 8:01 pm mummy thought she would fall asleep exhausted, except the boy was in her bed.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I recall the parties myself and the husband used to hold in our old house. We would convert the kitchen into a dance floor and people would dance the night away to the likes of Pulp, Faithless and Oasis. That was, until Lil next door got a bit annoyed and threatened to join us. Usually the hubby would fire up the barbecue and on one rather epic occasion people stayed up until dawn chatting, playing guitars and singing songs around the barbecue. I’m not saying that this party was as good as the ones we used to have, and it was a hundred times more stressful. However, I hope the boy will have similar fond memories and remember the good parts and not the fact that at one hour in he decided he wanted to go home and open his presents…


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  1. supergran 13th April 2011 / 1:52 pm

    Love the novel idea of the cake, and laughed at the star wars figures. My grandson had his 5th birthday party on 3rd April, and I made his cake as cant use commercial cakes for him due to allergy issues and nobody willing to make him one.<br />But he wanted to decorate it himself, and he choose duplo as that is what he is into at the moment, so daughter sterilised some duplo figures and he

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