Fly on the wall

There is never anything on the television nowadays is there? Nuffink at all, apart from on Wednesday when there’s some period drama which I have been sucked into. No, I don’t mean Coronation Street. It’s all fly on the wall documentaries with some B, C, D, E list celebrity. With this in mind I think that they may as well come and follow me about for a week. They would be able to see the following, voice over suggestions in italics:

  • Futile attempts at potty training: Fifi prefers to poo in her nappy but today she likes the smell in the loo and decides to muck her mother around for nearly an hour
  • The realities of working in a museum (this could be its own spin- off series): Volunteers play a key role in any museum
  • Burning the dinner enough to make it inedible but not enough for the Fire Brigade: Each night a healthy meal is prepared
  • A late night argument: In St Albans night-times can be challenging.
  •  An early morning: Fifi wakes up bright and early, her parents are used to such demands, but jsut when things seem to be going well Claire accidentally drops her coffee all over the sofa
  • Blogging, freelance writing, a bit of Twitter: Income is supplemented through small scale Internet based efforts which take up much of the evening
  • Attempts at fitness: Claire realised she was getting fat when her shirt ripped followed by her bra breaking whilst at work
  • A trip to Ikea: Ikea provides much of the furniture for a young, growing family
  • Cleaning the car: Activities which can be done as a family promote relationships and a sense of the value of money

Coming Up:
Find out how the family tacked what to grow in their vegetable patches this year, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall offers nutritional advice to the family during their annual Dorset holiday, Gok Wan performs a makeover and Kirsty and Phil offer tips on moving house versus rennovation…

See what I mean, gripping clearly, where do you want me to sign?


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  1. supergran 20th April 2011 / 6:48 am

    pmsl….well probably a sight more realistic than current soaps are. <br />Do you not need supernanny to get involved? or BMW to give you a car to wash ( and keep)….<br />The first part of your post I can relate to as everyday fun…the coming up…just dreams I believe…..but keep us posted if Hugh or Gok get in touch…

  2. I'm So Fancy 20th April 2011 / 8:19 am

    It really would come down to who&#39;s doing the voice over. I think a posh accent would really make the show. 🙂

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